5 Reasons Why Every Man Has To Wear A Wristwatch

5 Reasons Why Every Man Has To Wear A Wristwatch

We all know that men are dependent on watches.

But with the growth of smart phone sales, somehow the euphoria has fallen for the wristwatch.

That’s why I am here to remind you why every true gentleman with a sense of good style has to wear a watch.

And these are the 5 clear reasons for this:

1. Impeccable accuracy

Watchmakers are the ones that guide you through the day, not your smartphones.

You will often hear someone say he does not need a wristwatch because he has a phone for the same purpose.

This is not true, because you do not carry the phone everywhere (hopefully) such as on the beach, cinema, skiing, etc.

2. Functionality

Everything that is being used by the military is useful. So is the wristwatch.

That’s why we can see climbers, astronomers, pilots wearing watches adapted to their needs.

There is no profession that does not need a functional wristwatch.

3. They are simple

The top-grade watches do not run according to the latest fabrication of technology.

They are simple, modern and perform their most basic function.

And you know that minimalism is becoming more popular in the fashion world.

4. Signalize that you have a sense of style

All you have to do is ask the nearest female person to you, which is more attractive – a man with a wristwatch or a man without a wristwatch.

You already know the answer!

5. Tradition and history

Making watches has always reminded of accuracy, precision and responsibility.

Wearing a wristwatch makes you one step ahead of others.

It will always be more obvious just to look at your wrist, rather than to take out your smart phone from your briefcase or pocket.

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  1. Great post! I myself never go out without a watch as I consider mine a statement piece. You just gave me more reasons to wear it!

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