Green Tie – A Bold Fashion Detail That Will Make You Look Perfect

Green Tie

You like the color green but you are not ready for extreme fashion pieces that will make you the main focus of all gatherings?

Not a problem at all! The answer to this problem is called the green tie.

The green tie is a fashionable detail that will make you look perfect thanks to your favorite color.

An ideal solution and choice for formal events where you want to leave a strong and bold impression.

There aren’t many men who wear a combination like this, so you will definitely have eyes gazing upon you.

Add a little dimple and you will surely be at the center of attention.

The dimple though, is a very underrated fashion detail.

Often overlooked and dubbed meaningless, but it can definitely improve an already stylish outfit.

And since the weekend is not so far away, why don’t you go out and try one of these combinations.

Below is the gallery of different combinations involving the green tie as a centerpiece.

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