Is Foreplay As Important As Sex?

Is Foreplay As Important As Sex

The fact that fast morning sex is great is not controversial, but still foreplay should be addressed a bit as well.

Most people think and believe that the sexual act itself is the main event.

But those who are experienced know that the appetizer is often better than the main course.

Researchers state that both men and women need about 18 minutes of foreplay to experience complete satisfaction in the bedroom.

After that comes the sexual act itself.

Kisses, gentle touches, and oral sex can sometimes be much stronger, hotter and more exciting than the sexual act itself.

The key to this is to think carefully about what sets you up and burns your loved one.

And these desires and fantasies can be easily learned through good communication between partners.

Rushing into the sexual act itself can backfire, especially for men if they can’t get the proper erection.

With foreplay, you slowly and steadily prime yourself up for the sexual act. And both you and her will be satisfied for it.

What are your thoughts on foreplay – is it as important as sex or not?

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