Weddings Are Great Places To Hook Up

Weddings Are Great Places To Hook Up

Weddings really are great places to hook up and it is absolutely doable.

But, do not make the mistake that just by waltzing into weddings without a game plan you will receive lots love and attention from everyone present there.

Especially women, because frankly, there are a lot of other well-dressed men at the wedding.

Therefore, just follow these rules and you will be okay to go for a hook up at the next wedding:

1. Watch how you are dressed – you have to shine in this department, and pay particular attention to your suit.

2. Look and smell pleasantly, appealing and fresh – take proper care of your outfit and do not forget to groom yourself properly. That is, brush your teeth, trim loose hairs, apply antiperspirants and perfume.

3. Normally, do not go with a partner – if you are there for a hook up then by all means, do not go there with your girlfriend.

4. Beware of second and third cousins – no explanation needed.

Make sure you are certain of who your cousins are. Last thing you need is waking up next to your second or third cousin.

5. Use the open bar and free drinks – but just enough to loosen up and stay relaxed.

6. Be careful not to get wasted – when going to the bar for drinks, make sure you drink to stay relaxed and not get wasted.

7. If it’s American type of wedding, do a brief but firm toast on behalf of the grooms – this way you’ll get the spotlight, albeit for a brief moment, and if there are any women that didn’t notice you before, they will after this.

8. The bridesmaid is always the first goal – bridesmaids are feeling the euphoria of getting married and their feelings tend to cloud their judgement. Having said that, it is easier to sway the bridesmaid when she is in this condition.

9. Leave the “team” – if you’re a part of a male group that’s separated from others, get out immediately. It is very tough to hook up with a girl if you are surrounded by lots of other men.

10. Always have a ready-made place for action – whether it is a hotel room, at home (if you live alone) or in the worst-like way your car, always have a place.

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