How To Leave A Good First Impression?

How To Leave A Good First Impression

What communication experts state as the most important for first impression is non-verbal communication.

It is therefore necessary to know how to use the body language in an occasion when you want to leave a good first impression to the person standing opposite you at that moment.

  • Eye contact

If you look away when you first meet a person, then you will surely leave a bad impression.

When getting to know people, always look them in the eye while pronouncing your name.

And during the conversation too, keep in touch with your eyes, except when you have a valid reason for not doing so.

This contact is one of the most important ones when it comes to leaving a good first impression.

  • Facial expressions

What is needed during the first conversation is to have certain facial expressions that will prove that you are following the conversation closely.

A gentle smile, raising your eyebrows and returning them is what you need to do. Even when you are not interested in what is being discussed.

Careful listening leaves an impression of a well-educated person who knows how to honor his interlocutor.

  • Position of the lips

Do not forget to smile from time to time in order to express emotions during the conversation. However, be careful, because the “false smile” seems very artificial, so be more natural in behavior.

This way you will leave a good and positive impression.

  • Flickering/Trembling

Trembling in many people is a sign of nervousness and insecurity. And if you are sure that you have this “problem” before getting to know a person, concentrate on refining your thoughts toward something that makes you feel relaxed.

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