When Should You Propose To Your Girlfriend?

When Should You Propose To Your Girlfriend

Fact is that you will not decide to settle down and start a family just because your girlfriend is sexy and fantastic in bed.

What will still make you decide is something much more serious than that.

Beyond the zone of physical attraction (which is still necessary), you can define the cause this way: I want to spend my life with the one who makes me a better person.

Here are 5 reasons why you should propose to your girlfriend:

She makes you tidier

Your apartment no longer resembles the apartment from before.

Not because it instructs you to assemble the socks or put a pad below the beer, but because you want it to be comfortable.

Even when you have gained a habit of not leaving wet towels on the floor of your bathroom, because you know that she will sleep with you.

Since it happens more often (probably on weekends), it is quite clear that the arrangement of your personal space has become a habit.

And that maintaining an order in the apartment is no longer a problem for you.

Your life is more organised

Trying to match your obligations to have a joint quality time, you start making compromises.

There is no longer staying up late playing video games, because you know that the next day after work you are going to see your girlfriend.

You would not want to be tired and boring and you would not want her to see you in such a state.

Your desire to bring pleasure with you by being rested and ready for fellowship results in greater responsibility for yourself.

Thus, your life is more organized than before.

You develop protective inclinations

You want to spare her from all kinds of inconveniences, including your mood swings, melancholy attacks or outbursts of rage.

As you know, it is most difficult to protect the one you want from yourself and your uncomfortable character.

And because you are aware, you do your best to control and channel your feelings.

If she is the right one for you, then you will recognize and understand your efforts.

And you will appreciate what you know well and gives you the chance to show your good sides.

You are sincerely convinced that she deserves a better person

She loves you, and not some non-existent perfect type, because you fit her the way you are.

Surely you are wondering – what did I do to deserve her?

Every time you feel her gratitude and warmth, and when you notice the way she sees you and is proud of you, you will be grateful that you have met her and why exactly she (for reasons that will never be clear to you) loves you so much.

She is the mother of your children

And it will surely be the most beautiful and best children in the world (and of course, the most desirable).

Because they have the best mother and father who gives everything to make her happy.

By giving her love, you inspire her to do what she does best. And that is to bring magic into the home, sense and organization in the lives of those who love them the most.

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