8 Signs She’s Crazy About You

8 Signs She's Crazy About You

During parties you can usually notice when a friend, acquaintance, or a colleague glances at you. So if you notice her doing one of the following 8 things, then know that she is crazy about you:

  1. Spends time talking about you, even when you are not present at the same place with her (this can very easily be noticed by common friends)
  2. She is lurking on Facebook (this is evident if you see that you she likes or comments on older photos and statuses)
  3. She wants to own you fully (if you talk about another female person, your girl will surely have a mean look on her face)
  4. Is always asking you questions (she wants to know more about you)
  5. She wants to know that you like her (she wants you to reply with the same measure)
  6. Starts to act like your shadow (wherever you go, she’s there)
  7. Stands close to you and your lips (pay attention when you whisper as she does not want to turn completely to let you do it)
  8. Does not look away from you (we all know what long-term eye contact means)

Take action if you notice any of these 8 things. You and her will both be happy for it.

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