3 Eating Mistakes – Why You Are Always Hungry

3 Eating Mistakes - Why You Are Always Hungry

Did you happen to feel hungry an hour after your last meal?

If this happens to you often, do not make the mistake thinking it is your ultra fast metabolism. Or the need for a larger amount of food, rather find the cause in the frequent mistakes you are making.

These are the 3 eating mistakes you make that make you hungry all the time:

1. You do not ingest enough plant fibers

One of the most common mistakes why you are always hungry in this issue is the importance of plant fibers.

Focus on macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, fats. But, our body also needs plant fibers. About 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women daily according to the nutritionists’ claims.

Unfortunately, research shows that we are ingesting only 15 to 18 grams on average.

This reduces the organism’s potential for flawless functioning and we do not use the power that the plant fiber has on the reduction of appetite that prevents us from adhering to the diet.

How to ingest more fiber?

The easiest way to do this is to replace the “white” carbohydrates (white bread and pasta, white rice) with browns (whole grain bread, whole grain, whole rice, oats) and thus increase the intake of fiber of 4-5 grams per meal.

Flaxseed is also a great choice for a food supplement that provides 3 grams of fiber in one teaspoon of seeds. You can use it in your salads, oatmeal and shakes.

2. You do not drink enough fluids

I know that you hear and read about this every day, from all doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers, but researches and experiences again say that a lack of fluid is one of the biggest eating disorders that persists.

That’s why I will emphasize once again that our body needs a lot of fluids in the day, every day, to function optimally both from the physical and from the cognitive aspect.

For women, 12 are recommended, for men 16 glasses of fluids per day, which, although it sounds simple, can be hardly feasible in the race with all obligations.

And if you exercise, you need more fluids.

For every 15 minutes of physical activity, you need to add an extra 150-200 milliliters of fluid that do not contain calories. The best choice is water.

This will further help prevent hunger strikes. Often times when you feel your stomach is empty, your body needs water, not food. It is very easy to mistake feeling hungry when all you needed was water.

How to drink more fluids?

Always carry a bottle of water with you – at work, in your car as you move out while exercising, and leave it by the bed when you go to sleep.

Drink it every time you see it, do not wait to feel thirsty, because then your body is already in dehydration.

Drink water, teas and sports drinks while on training. If you have a serious appetite problem, drink half a liter of water before and after a meal for your body to give the brain a signal that you are satiated and then continue with the optimal fluid intake until the next meal.

3. You do not eat enough vegetables

Vegetables reduce the feeling of hunger because they contain up to 90% water, but also a large amount of fiber.

You will find it at the base of any diet and because of the fact that there are very few calories.

So, you can consume it in large quantities without exceeding the set caloric intake.

What does “enough” vegetables mean?

Minimum 3 hands a day green, orange, red or yellow fruits, such as carrots, peppers, lettuce, spinach, broccoli.

How to Eat More Vegetables?

Vegetables should be part of almost every meal.

But do not rely solely on the main meals – add it to the drinks you prepare and use as a healthy snack.

Instead of the temptation for you to snack something unhealthy between meals, take a carrot for example. It will satiate you and refresh you at the same time, and most importantly it will improve your health.

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