A Quick Trick That Will Help You Not To Think About Work When You Are Home

A Quick Trick That Will Help You Not To Think About Work When You Are Home

Does it often happen when you come home after work, you can not get your mind off your job responsibilities?

You think what the boss told you, what a colleague really thinks about you when you were criticized. Or which obligations you did not commit yourself to, but should have.

There is a simple trick to leave your work behind and really relax when you come home at the end of the working day.

Write down exactly when you plan to finish an unfinished task the next day, writes Business Insider.

Ball State University’s research involved about 100 people who agreed that work plays a central role in their lives.

For the next three days, participants completed two surveys.

One research concerned the discovery of a business purpose that was left unfinished.

The second study examined how much time they spend thinking about that purpose and for the work in general.

Half of the participants were given the task of making a plan as to exactly when they would perform unfulfilled tasks the next day.

For example: “I will sit at the desk at 9 am and write an email to the client”. The other half did not receive instructions for this plan.

The results showed that among the participants who took up the central part of their work, the exercise with accurate planning helped them to stop thinking about unfinished, but important tasks at the end of the day.

In other words, they were more cheerful and more prepared.

If we cease to be obsessed with all the things on our list of tasks that we have not passed, we will be more productive the next day, because we allowed the brain to rest.

This exercise however, has one flaw.

Namely, it will not help you not to think of the work generally.

So, you will have to find a solution yourself about the colleague who is lazy. Or for the promotion you have not received, that is, about the general problems that make you suffer.

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