From Football To The Fashion World – 5 Fashion Icons Of The World

From Football To The Fashion World - 5 Fashion Icons Of The World

The big football stars usually have great love for fashion. So there are a lot of players who, after their career, got into the fashion industry.

And here are 5 of them:

David Beckham

The former player, today, is considered one of the most influential people in fashion.

Apart from fans watching football, many follow his style. In the course of time, he became a favorite character for world fashion designers, and today he is known for his collaboration with the H & M brand in which he himself designs his own fashion pieces.

Although he is now retired, he earns a huge amount of money from sponsorship deals.

Cristiano Ronaldo

His fashion brand CR7, after his appearance, produced underwear, and today it has an expanded assortment of fashion pieces.

Because of his fitness body, he is perfect for the front page and as the main person in fashion campaigns.

Rio Ferdinand

The famous defender, at first glance, can be seen as a fan of fashion. He has his own brand named #5 and is famous for street style. He actively participates in the design process.

Freddy Ljungberg

Not many can brag about their first collaboration with a brand such as Calvin Klein, but we can definitely praise Freddy Ljungberg. He is even remembered as the best model Calvin Klein once had for their underwear.

Hidetoshi Nakata

He is considered to be the most famous Asian football player, who is today also known for designing luxury jewelry.

During his football career, he managed to develop himself into the fashion field, and especially his collaboration with online fashion stores.

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