3 Qualities You Need To Acquire From Rich People

3 Qualities You Need To Acquire From Rich People

In the book How Rich People Think, Steve Siebold has drawn conclusions from a 20-year study of the rich who have acquired their wealth exclusively through their work.

These rich people do not hide any major secrets and magical formulas.

They have only different thinking combined with more boldness and passion.

What is it that the rich have that we don’t?

Belief in yourself

The rich believe in themselves. They believe that with their ideas they can sell and make a lot of money by doing what they want.

Their faith attracts money. Steve Siebold stated in the book that “Wealthy people believe in the opportunity to get rich while the rest of the world believes in poverty. The belief in poverty is pulling you back.”

They are not interested in formal education

Interestingly – 90 percent of those who have acquired their own wealth have avoided formal education.

But their homes are full of books in the field of progress and success of the field they work on.

They do their best to learn as much as possible about their work and become experts in that.

They are not slaves to their money

The most important thing is that the rich have a positive relationship with money.

They release money, they do not slave money, they and money are friends.

What are the poor doing? They are essentially afraid of money and are afraid of wealth.

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