Two Places That Are Crucial For Single Guys

Two Places That Are Crucial For Single Guys

Regardless if whether you are a relationship seeking single guy or a one-night stand type of guy, these two places must be perfectly clean at all times of the day.

1. The bedroom/living room – whether you are single, live alone, with a roommate, parents or your grandmother, the room you sleep in must always be as clean as possible.

No chaos should be allowed, with socks and dust everywhere, because it will be a huge turn off in the eyes of the girl when she first enters your room.

We live in a small world and this gossip can easily pass through all the corners in which you have left a trail.

So make sure that every two or three days you take a few minutes for your bedroom.

2. The car – whether it is your own car, or the car of your parents, before each date or going out, the car must be fairly clean.

Not that it must shine, because even this can have a bad effect, as you might seem like a guy that cares more about your car than yourself.

Nevertheless, it is important that there is no dust, blemishes and a bad smell.

It is normal for you to have several CD’s with quality music, blankets, in case you get comfy with her, and the necessary equipment if there are some technical problems.

So before each going out for a drink, take 5-10 minutes for the car, because it can be your bedroom for the night that follows.

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