Do Girls Love Crazy Stuff In The Bedroom?

Do Girls Love Crazy Stuff In The Bedroom

Truth be told, girls actually do love crazy things in the bedroom! This is not a novelty, but it is good to repeat it every now and then.

Which crazy things most girls prefer more often during sex, and which less often?

Here are just a dozen of the many things women prefer in the bedroom:
  • Punching (gently of course)
  • Hair pulling (also gently)
  • Handcuffs
  • Moderate, latent binding
  • Playing with their breasts
  • Playing with ice
  • Fantasy – master and slave
  • Using feathers or fur
  • Sex between breasts
  • Physical, verbal humiliation
  • Playing with a candle wax (this hurts though)
  • Extreme binding
  • Wrestling, biting

So, the first half of the list are the ones that girls prefer to do more often. And the second part of the list are the ones that girls rarely prefer.

If you find yourself alone with a girl in your or her place, try one of these. It just might be the thing that really turns her on.

It is Saturday, so why not try it tonight? 😉

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