Male Socks: 7 Rules You Need To Know

Male Socks 7 Rules You Need To Know

Male socks are maybe on of those garments that tend to be overlooked. Oftentimes, the wrong choice and stylish solutions can disrupt your overall impression.

Therefore, when it comes to male socks, keep in mind the following rules:

White socks are for sports only

One of the most common fashion mistakes men make is wearing white socks outside sports activities.

If you go to the gym, white socks are great, and they are also acceptable and look better than black socks if you are involved in outdoor activities or go running.

However, outside of recreational activities, white socks are NOT acceptable.

Black socks should still be the first choice when wearing jeans, therefore, white socks should be kept close to the training equipment, and away from the rest of the wardrobe.

Elegant shoes require elegant socks

If you wear elegant shoes, you can not wear sports socks, regardless of their color, even if they are black.

Sports socks are thicker and definitely differ from elegant socks, given the fact that they are mainly made from heavier cotton and other materials.

In addition, sports socks are often ribbed, which doesn’t give a good contrast to elegant shoes.

Wear elegant socks with elegant shoes, instead. And they will fit more nicely into your shoes, since they are made of thinner and more sophisticated material.

Male Socks

Combine socks with pants, not with shoes

When wearing formal or casual pants (I don’t mean jeans), the color of the socks should be in harmony with the color of the pants, not the shade of your shoes.

Black pants fit perfectly with black socks, and brown pants with brown socks. The same is true for gray pants.

Be careful when choosing the color of your socks for other shades of pants. If necessary, try several pairs of socks to determine which color of socks best fits with your pants. If in doubt, darker colors are always the better choice.

It is important that you don’t forget to combine socks with pants, and not with your shoes. At some point you will certainly take off your shoes, and exactly then the socks will be particularly impressive.

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Do not twist or fold the socks

The twisted or folded socks look odd and weird because your joints will look more aggressive, especially if you wear slim fit pants.

Practice wearing your socks straightened, which will create a pure silhouette.

Invest in new socks

Buy new socks once every six months. You probably will not need a whole collection, but you will surely need at least three pairs of socks.

Socks are worn every day, so they are quickly damaged. And socks with holes are not attractive and can distort the overall impression.

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Avoid wearing socks with shorts

Another common fashion mistake is wearing socks with shorts. First of all, if you want to wear them with shorts, you have to fold them, and as is already explained, it is completely unacceptable.

In addition, wearing socks in combination with shorts will visually shorten your legs. If you can not imagine wearing sporty or elegant shorts without socks, opt for short ankle socks, which of course will not be so visually imposed.

And another thing: Avoid socks in combination with sandals!

No socks in bed

Many men refuse to take off socks even when they are in bed with a girlfriend. Think about it – wearing socks in the bed looks completely absurd. And in addition to that, sex is a skin-to-skin contact, not a skin to socks contact!

These are, more or less, all the rules you need to know when it comes male socks. And just like with any other male fashion garment, you need to take care of them.

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