10 Pieces of Advice That Are NOT Useful For Career Progress

10 Pieces of Advice That Are NOT Useful For Career Progress

There are certain pieces of advice that you hear every day from friends, family, colleagues, and even from unknown people, and although they don’t have an ill intention they are not necessarily good too.

Here are the reasons why you should not listen to these types of advice:

“Quit the job that does not fulfill you”

Everyone wants to find the dream job, the one you will love doing. But sometimes the road towards that destination is long.

At the start of a new job it is asked of you to do the worst things before giving you the right chance. If you understand that this job is not for you, do not give up. Rather use the time there to first find a better job.

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“You are not paid enough to do that”

Superiors warn that young people who “lift their nose up” when asked to do something that may not be in their job description, create a bad image for themselves.

If you seriously approach the fulfillment of those obligations, you will gain trust in the superiors, who will later give you more serious tasks.

“Why don’t you use your connections?”

It is important to have connections. That’s not exactly true.

Before you “use those connections”, build quality relationships with people. Good contacts can greatly help, but try to make your qualifications, experiences and abilities be at the right level.

“Talk only when they ask you something”

Employees should be able to talk honestly with their superiors. Do not wait for your superiors to ask you if there is any problem. And do not restrain yourself from asking questions if something is unclear to you.

“The only important thing to have is a degree”

The diploma is important, but sometimes the continuation of schooling is not the best way to advance in a career.

You should carefully consider whether the diploma will help you achieve your goals and whether the money and time you spend is worth it.

Sometimes specific education or work experience is a better solution for you.

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“You have to learn to do more things at once”

Young people who have grown up using all possible modern technologies can easily fall into the trap trying to do more things at once.

Do not be fooled by doing more work. Our brain works best when solving one problem at a time.

“You have to start somewhere”

In a bad economy, young people are often forced to work at companies for which they are over-qualified or have no reference points with the career they are aiming for.

Experts warn that you need to be cautious in accepting such jobs. Because it may be more difficult to return to your original plans than you might think.

“Keep that job for at least a year”

Your future employer must see that you are persistent in something when you start. So you will often hear the advice to “stay in that job for at least a year”.

But if you are very unhappy at that place and you are experiencing a lot of stress, your work will suffer, and you will lose self-esteem, and that will badly affect the further development of your career.

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“Send a CV wherever workers are required”

In the search for a new job, the most common advice you will hear is to apply for as many job applications as you can. But with such a strategy you lose valuable time and energy. Apply for the jobs that you really would love working.

“Delete every qualification from the CV that does not matter for the job you apply for”

Managers state that any previous experience is important when selecting candidates.

Although some qualifications might have no relation to the job you are applying for, work experience that does not require qualification or volunteering can show your interests and better describe your character to the potential employer.

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  1. I really love this advice! They are definitely things I have learned over the years.

    I’m just over 45 and will enter the work market in the somewhat near future. It is a little scary. I appreciate you advice on that point, too.

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