Sex Positions For Longer Pleasure

Sex Positions For Longer Pleasure

Many men have a problem with premature ejaculation, so you should pay attention to sex positions, and how they can help you overcome this problem.

Avoid the missionary pose, as well as the one from behind, because then men are dominant and do not have self-control.

Longer satisfaction you will receive if you let your partner take over the lead during sex.

Try these two positions that will help you to have a longer satisfaction without a premature ejaculation:

1. Sit at the end of the bed or armchair with your feet on the floor, and leave your partner to wrap around you, with her hands on your neck and legs around your waist.

In this position, men are more passive and can prevent premature ejaculation.

2. Another recommended position is the one on which you lie on your back, and your partner is above you and controls the whole situation.

Try it, you will not make a mistake.

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