These Male Body Parts Excite Women The Most

These Male Body Parts Excite Women The Most

Every man has a desire to find out which male body parts are favored by women. So which parts are women most likely to observe when first looking at a male body?

Here is a list of the 10 male body parts that really excite women:

1. Clearly defined shoulders.

2. Perfect pecs (chest) – it’s no secret that men are fond of women’s breasts. And vice versa, this is no different with women. Women adore perfectly built chest in men.

3. Biceps muscle – it’s an evidence that a man takes care of his body, something that always falls on women’s minds when they see a perfectly defined bicep.

4. Full lips.

5. A gentle tongue – yes, women pay attention to the male tongue, and the way in which men control its movement.

6. Nurtured hands / palms.

7. Narrow hips – women are sometimes quite jealous of the perfect, tight male hips.

8. Abs – no doubt about it. Women go crazy for great abs.

9. Nurtured penis – the favorite part for all women, and no woman loves the forest. So pick up a razor and cut the bush down around your penis. And of course, size is important.

10. Male’s butt  – squats are a great exercise for both the feminine and the male butt, so do not forget about your daily training because it is one of the more important parts of the male body that women stare at, especially at the beach.

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