10 Things Stylish Men Do Differently From You

10 Things Stylish Men Do Differently From You

Believe it or not, there are as many as 10 things that stylish men do differently compared to you. Yes, yes, we can learn a lot from them!

Dazzling shoes

Unclean and unkempt shoes can destroy virtually anyone’s appearance. Tidy and shiny shoes are something that every woman will notice.

Take proper care of your shoes regularly and polish them so you can literally see yourself in them.

Nurtured hairstyle

The unkempt and messy hairstyle is not something that can deceive women’s eyes. You may have thought that you can shape the wild hair with various preparations and gels, but here you make even more mistakes.

Stylish men know that they have to be trimmed every four to five weeks and in no way should they exaggerate with molding preparations.

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Properly fitted clothes

Regardless of what you have in the wardrobe, whether they are luxury pieces, the latest trends or everyday pieces of clothing they should not be too big in size.

Buy pieces of clothing only according to your measure and make sure to try your clothes on before you buy them.

Appropriate combination of colors

In time, you will sharpen your eye in terms of colors and contrasts. Colors do not necessarily have to be perfectly combined, but you can of course be free to experiment with colors that are not common, such as pink socks with a dark suit.

Stylish men avoid excessive elegance

It is necessary to find a good balance between classical elegance and casual style. Dress up some timeless piece of clothing, such as a blazer or gloves, and pair them with a piece of clothing that perfectly complements that style.

As a result, you will get a unique style that will be recognizable.

Vintage garments

For men who do not have some hand-made design pieces, second-hand stores with quality clothing are the best solution.

In them, you can find different pieces of clothing, from coats, sweaters and pants, but also vintage watches that with a little change can be turned into a unique detail.

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Skin Care

When you look at Hollywood actors you will notice that they look the same for 20 years. And all this thanks to healthy habits, regular grooming and care of the face and body.

Invest in facial care products and buy quality shower gels and shaving lotions, as well as quality razors and cologne.


Many men make a mistake and forget the details and accessories. For example, a pocket handkerchief is an interesting detail that can give the impression of a good style.

The various details and unusual accessories are more important than you think they are.

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If you have a vision problem, quality glasses can help you, and thus be the perfect fashion detail. And when talking about the choice of glasses, be extremely creative.

There is a wide choice of shapes, colors and patterns that offer you the opportunity to find exactly the style that suits you best.


Self-confidence – a keyword that says everything. Without a self-confident walk and attitude, it will not be so easy to reach the high goals.

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