Giorgio Armani: Be Remembered, Not Noticed!

Giorgio Armani Be Remembered, Not Noticed

Giorgio Armani, one of the greatest designers of today, with his ideas has forever changed the world of fashion.

Armani is definitely one of the most powerful, world-renowned designers. He created a style that we still wear today, and yet we are not aware that this fashion has ever been completely different.

He has proven us that luxury does not always have to be inconvenient and cramped. His style is synonymous with a business chic look and refined elegance.

“The essence of elegance is not for people to notice you, but to remember you.”

Giorgio Armani became popular during his Hollywood career. The fashion world began to talk about him after the 1980 American Gigolo movie, where Richard Gere was dressed in Armani from head to toe.

All the men in the world immediately wished to look like this actor. They started wearing jackets, pants, shirts and ties with the Armani label.

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.”

The specialties of Armani are the perfect cut and shape, soft fabrics and minimalism. Giorgio, like all other big creators, thinks that “simplicity is key to achieving true elegance.”

All the pieces from the collections of this designer are known for their elegance and simplicity – within their own means.

“Cheap shoes are a bad investment. Shoes are the foundation of your wardrobe.”
“To look sexy is a matter of self-confidence. It is a matter of the mind just as it is a matter of the body. “
“I am glad that today the desire to look elegant is again in vogue. Elegance is key to the eternal style, something that will never go out of fashion, for something that you will never get out of fashion. For me, the style is more important than the short fashion trends.”

Giorgio Armani drastically changed the laws of fashion by creating new standards in the fashion industry. He dismissed redundant details and jewelry and included sports items in business and evening clothing.

He created a special free style, which defines modern men and women. His pants and jackets are freer and looser, and such an outfit receives an epithet of a business chic.

“Do not worry too much when choosing clothes. Those who mostly follow fashion seem to have not tried hard about their looks.”
“Black and dark blue ‘shrink’ much more than other colors. By using these colors you can afford to experiment with shapes and textures.”
“The perfume is much more than an extract, it is the presence of abstraction. The perfume is a mystery to me.”
“Choose neutral fabrics without bright decorations. They will serve you more, viewed from a fashionable angle.”

People who worked with Armani claim that his hands are full of magic. The designer does not deny that when he touches the material, it forms some sort of special energy around it.

It helps him to choose the best material. Then, as a true fanatic in his craft, he creates a material around the body of the model. He calls this process the most sensual thing in the world.

“My philosophy has always been to help men and women feel more comfortable and more confident in the clothes they wear. I believe that style is the only luxury that is really desirable.”

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