Amazon Develops Glasses That Will Talk To Users

Amazon Develops Glasses That Will Talk To Users

“Amazon” reportedly develops glasses that will work together with the voice assistant “Alexa”.

Users at any moment can ask questions to the digital assistant – who is currently best-known for the “Echo” speakers. I.e. to ask him to call for a taxi, or to perform any other task.

Amazon’s Smart Assistant will be located within the glasses, and users will be able to hear without a headset.

The device reminds a little of the Google Glass glasses, which quickly collapsed because they were too expensive, but also a bit strange, as the mainstream users estimated.

“Amazon” patented this idea in 2015. It included glasses that would serve as screens, i.e. to broadcast content within the user’s field of view.

Although interest in reality has increased in the last few years, Amazon glasses will focus more on hearing than vision.

It is expected that the glasses will appear along with the upgrade for “Alexa”. And it may include a home security system that can connect to the Internet, i.e. to work together with the “Echo” speakers.

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