How To Tie A Tie – A Comprehensive Guide

How To Tie A Tie - A Comprehensive Guide

The choice of your tie and the type of knot you make, show your creativity and style. Combined with the outfit, it is a timeless look that never goes out of fashion.

The fit of an outfit is constantly changing along with the width of the tie, and they deserve respect.

In addition, I give you several reasons why wearing one is important.


The tie has always been and will remain a trademark of royal families, since its beginnings date back to the time of Louis IV in 1646.

But they come in a different form, such as satin, and are already in the present day transformed with their characteristic appearance and represent a major fashion detail in almost all men.


If you want to differ from others, the tie is definitely the right choice. The color is, of course, very important as well.

The most common combination in most politicians is a navy suit, a white shirt and a red linen tie. The red color of the tie brings with it power, energy, strength and authority.

While according to the latest research, blue ties cause calm and respect. Of course today we have a much larger selection of prints and colors from which you can choose.

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Wearing a tie gives a really good look:

By wearing a tie with a print, you simply give freshness to your combination and the character of your outfit. It may be obvious, but most often men wear one because they look good with it.

With it you will always look good, you will feel good and show courage in your combinations.

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4 Key factors you should consider:

  • Compatibility of the knot with the size of your head
  • Width of the lapels with the width of the knot
  • The shape of the knot
  • The art of tying it

Ways of tying your tie and how to:

There are many ways to tie it, and it all depends on the occasion and the style you want to go for.

I recommend just these 3 ways, as they should be sufficient enough for any occasion you aim to go for.

  • Four in hand knot – this way of tying is the most classic and most commonly used. Created in 1856 known as schoolboy knot because it was used and is still used for tying ties in private schools. The Four in Hand knot is the most common choice of members of the British Royal Family.
    Choose this way if you have a shorter neck, want an asymmetrical look on your tie and wear a classic shirt.
  • Full Windsor knot – this way of tying gets the name after The Duke of Windsor. In order to get this look it takes more material because it is quite wide, and you need a longer tie. This type of knot is best used when wearing a blazer with wide peak lapels giving excellent symmetry. This is the right choice for you if you have a more rounder head.
  • Half Windsor knot – you can also opt for a Half Windsor knot if you want to go for a bit smaller knot than the Full Windsor. It is also symmetrical and gives a very good look.

In addition, here is an illustration and instructions on how to properly tie your tie with these aforementioned ways:

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