Learn To Say “NO”: 5 Tricks To Organize Your Busy Life

Learn To Say NO 5 Tricks To Organize Your Busy Life

Have you ever wanted the day to last for at least 28 hours? Do you consider that you have a busy life? Do you dream of resting?

It is not difficult to achieve that. It is important to know what your priorities are and how to organize yourself well.

Many people try to fulfill all of their obligations. Even those who must commit themselves or those who have imposed themselves, because they did not know how to say “NO”.

Parties, meetings, workouts, working on yourself, shopping, dinners, internet search, social networks – the list is endless.

Some of the obligations are indispensable and suited to us, such as going out with friends for a cup of coffee and conversation. Or going out at night in the city, going to the movies and the likes.

But many things are unnecessary. These are the things that are neither helpful nor valuable, and we do not feel satisfaction for them, rather indifference.

People spend a lot of time on things that take away their time and energy. They are seen with people who draw their energy instead of giving them energy and spend their precious time on unimportant things to please others.

It is important to know our priorities and not deviate from them.

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I give you five tricks to restore your busy life to normal and always have enough time.

1. Before accepting an invitation, consider rejoicing at the invitation.

If yes, accept it. If you are not sure, tell them you will think about it. And if you do not want to go, kindly tell them you are not going.

2. When you have a million things on your mind, stop for a moment, relax and think about what would be wise to do.

Yoga or Dinner? Cinema or the Internet? We all have 24 hours a day – you know best how you want to spend your time.

3. If you are bored, before calling to go out with someone, think what you always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten the time for it.

If there is something you always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten the chance, then leave the hangout for some other time.

4. Enjoy peace. When everything calms down and when you can think, that is when you are coming up with many creative ideas.

Enjoy the silence and the company of the most important person in the world: you yourself!

5. Remember the golden rule – the schedule is not your priority, but your priorities are in the schedule.

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