8 Things You Should Know If You Plan To Live Together With Your Girlfriend

8 Things You Should Known If You Plan To Live Together With Your Girlfriend

Do you plan to live together with your girlfriend? Take a look at the following 8 things before you engage in such an adventure:

1. Take a proper and thorough look at the finances that you have. Plan ahead the necessities and expenses you two might endure before making a move to live together. You would not want to go back home after just a month into your new shared life, just because the finances don’t add up at the end of the month.

2. Get out of your previous habits, because Mom will not be with you anymore. That means all lazy and unproductive habits that you might have, you need to throw them out the window. You are starting a life with the girl you love, so you do not want minor details to turn into a full-blown argument.

3. Discuss your expectations so that there won’t be any quick quarrels between the two of you. That means everything. From getting out of bed in the morning, to daily routines, what kind of food to consume, when to take a shower, when to go to the gym and stuff like that.

4. Respect the personal space. Do not annoy each other, so you won’t have to deal with it afterwards. That means both of you should have your own space and peace, either to relax or to get stuff done.

5. Do not forget the dates. Because the common life does not mean you should sit all day in front of a TV, watching sports and movie series. Plan a date or dinner into town for the two of you. Just because you two live together now, doesn’t mean you should stop going out.

6. Make home parties. This is a good idea to bring home the mutual friends and have some fun without going into town. Not only will you be in touch with your closest ones, but you’ll also save up some money you would have otherwise spent in town.

7. Do not forget your friends. Always have time to go out with your buddies. Same with her, she should also have the time to hang out with her friends. You are living together, but you are not closed out for the outside world and people. So, go out and mingle, hang out with your friends at different locales.

8. Clean at home. It’s unfair to leave this burden completely to your girlfriend. And if you can’t clean alone, at least help her when she does the cleaning.

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