Flirting At Work – Safe Fun Or Playing With Fire?

Flirting At Work - Safe Fun Or Playing With Fire

Thanks to flirting at work, a person becomes more confident, satisfied and productive. But the thin line is the boundary between a harmless game and getting into something in which many can get hurt.

The definition of flirtation says that it’s a harmless game of seduction whose purpose is to entertain and show superficial interest in someone. All this without any serious intent to achieve something more or to create an affair.

However, this must stay within the normal limits, because the flirt can be a powerful tool that has many advantages.

It can increase self-esteem, relax us or reduce stress at work. But it can also create a strong connection with colleagues at work and out of it.

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Even more interesting is the fact of one American research that says women use flirting at work much better than men in negotiating and achieving their goals.

Also, psychologists consider that having a close person in the workplace helps in removing a bad sense of competition. Which can result in increased productivity and overall job satisfaction.

However, even-though there is no visible limit, we must never forget that the limit is precisely where the fun of discomfort and serious relationship ends.

Setting a limit has a key role in not forgetting the proper behavior in the business environment.

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