(R)evolution Of The Campari Calendar

(R)evolution Of The Campari Calendar

In Rome, the center of Italian cinema, this year the new Campari Red Diaries campaign – (R)evolution of the Campari calendar was symbolically opened and launched.

The magic of making each of the 12 cocktails brings us to life by 14 bartenders who bring us around the world as well as through the imagination and the stories behind each of the cocktails.

Paolo Sorrentino, the director of the leading short film “The Killer in Red” for this campaign, said: “Campari is an Italian icon that has gained global love and attention as a result of its strong and innate sense of aesthetics and well-defined style – qualities that I own myself.

With this year’s focus on film, I tried with the technique of telling a story to capture the intriguing intensity. Working with Clive Owen is fantastic. His striking presence and enthusiasm has enabled me to create a short film which I hope will prove to be fresh, inspiring and creative.”

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Therefore, the campaign for the legendary Italian red aperitif with bitter-sweet taste rounds off with 12 cocktails as part of the Campari calendar. Behind each of them is the famous Argentine photographer Ale Burset.

However, this calendar will not be for sale. And you will be able to become the owner of an original 9,999 copies printed only if you are part of the Campari friends around the world.

The content of the short films by the young Italian director Ivan Olita will be exclusively available only on the official YouTube channel of Campari.

“Each cocktail tells a story” let your motto be for this period. Create a story and be part of the magic of Campari.

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