Job Interview: The 3 Questions We Fear The Most And How To Answer Them

Job Interview: The 3 Questions We Fear The Most And How To Answer Them

The job interview can be a nightmare, especially when you are not ready enough for it.

Below, have look at the three most frequently asked questions and several ways to answer them effectively enough:

Why should we hire you?

It’s a bit strange to see yourself as a kind of product, but at the end of the day, you are not just a work force.

Therefore, when this question arises, you must “sell” yourself in a special way. At that moment, do not talk about yourself, but about what you would do for the firm.

First of all, well, think about the position you applied for and point out in what way your skills and knowledge would contribute to the development of that sector.

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Tell us something about yourself

A very ungrateful issue in which you can “break away from the subject” and continue in the opposite direction.

On this issue, the most important thing is to stay focused – concentrate on what you want to stay in the head of the employer after the interview.

Begin with your experiences and successes, then switch on skills, strength, and opportunities.

What is your biggest weakness?

This may be the worst question at a job interview, because there simply isn’t a correct way to answer that.

The purpose of the job interview is to show yourself in a good light, and problems arise when you need to recognize your own bad habit.

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According to experts, this issue actually has great potential to be in your favor. One of the things you can do is to acknowledge your own weakness, then explain how you have struggled to overcome them and out of that situation come out as a winner.

For example, if you are shy by nature, explain how you attended public speaking classes and then held a speech.

Or even better – find a job that is actually great and portray it as a weakness.

For example, you can say that you are very committed to the job and that it is very frustrating to you when others around you do not share the same enthusiasm.

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