Billionaire Richard Branson Gives His Best Advice

Billionaire Richard Branson Gives His Best Advice

Richard Branson, the billionaire and founder of Virgin Group, says that to be productive and successful you should first pay attention to time.

Do not be late anywhere you go, especially at work and meetings.

“Whether it’s a meeting, a flight, a business lunch, always try to appear at what time you promised to appear”, he says.

“This may sound old-fashioned, but it has served me greatly for 50 years in the business”.

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Not only will the other side appreciate you, but it will also affect your effectiveness throughout the day.

“Once you’re late, you will hardly catch the rhythm during the day. To be on time does not mean that you need to rush all the time”, he explains, adding, “It simply means organizing the time effectively”.

Branson explains that you do not have to stick to the schedule rigidly, but to be flexible. If you can not get there on time – delegate. Excuse yourself for being late and send someone else instead.

He also says that not everything goes according the plan, and that you can not achieve it all, but you still need to try.

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