9 Important Rules For Wearing A Suit

9 Important Rules For Wearing A Suit

The suit is one of the most important garments in the men’s fashion world, which shows class, prestige and formality. But in order to achieve all these things, you need to look out for several important rules.

1. Pay close attention to your fit as it is very important that it fits you greatly. You need to buy a suit that will fit perfectly to your size. It should greatly fit you at the shoulders, and the sleeve length should finish at the start of your palm. Also, pay close attention to the length of your pants. If you can not find a suit that suits you perfectly, then you’ll have to get a custom-made one.

2. Always remove the label from the sleeve. They are for practical reasons, in order to quickly determine a suit in the store, not to advertise the brand of the suit.

3. Always unfasten the last button on the jacket to get the correct look. Always unfasten the buttons of the jacket when you are sitting!

4. Wear longer socks so that the skin on your leg does not appear while you are sitting.

5. The belt has to match the shoes.

6. The width of the tie should correspond to the width of the lapels. Balance is the key to an impeccable look.

7. The length of the tie should end at the tip of the belt, or a little shorter.

8. If you go for a formal look, the tie should always be darker than your shirt.

9. To escape the conservative look, make sure your pocket-handkerchief is not the same color as the tie.

These 9 important rules are what separate a well made, well-tailored and impeccable suit to an everyday ordinary outfit that just happens to involve a suit. Don’t just go out and buy the first suit you seem to like.

Invest in it, and make sure it fits you perfectly.

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