What You Must NOT Do If You Want A Healthy Sex Life

What You Must NOT Do If You Want A Healthy Sex Life

Many couples who had a healthy sex life at the beginning, after a while, come to a relationship in which sex life barely exists.

If you do not want the same thing to happen to you, you should avoid the following things:

Negative attitude towards sex

Negative thoughts about sex can come from many sources (childhood, religion, past sexual experiences, etc.) and they most often strongly affect the sex life.

Some people think that sex is a sin or an unclean thing, and some are ashamed of their body. If you are one of these people, try to overcome these negative thoughts. Because not only is sex not a sin, but all doctors agree that it is extremely healthy.

Sex is great for the cardiovascular system, it reduces stress and helps you to strengthen the immune system.

To develop a healthier attitude towards sex, improve communication with your partner and work on the problem together.

Focusing only on performance

If during sex you constantly think about doing the right things (whether you are moving as you need to; do you release the right sounds, etc.), you add extra pressure that negatively affects sexuality and eventually lead to disaster.

You should remember that no one’s body is perfect and does not work perfectly at every sexual intercourse.

If you expect perfect performance every time, you will certainly be disappointed. It is important to relax and indulge in pleasure. Your partner will know how to appreciate it.

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You do not talk about sex with your partner

It is surprising how many people have no problem with the sexual act and are constantly intimate with their partner, but have a huge problem talking about sex.

If you are comfortable enough to have sex, you should be comfortable enough talking about it. Change your intimate thoughts, talk about fantasies and fetishes, and you might be surprised at how similar your thoughts are that you never discovered before.

Sex is not a priority

For many couples, sex is not a priority. Worse, in some couples even the connection is not a priority. Work, family, and other responsibilities always come above in the list of priorities.

But if you want the relationship to last for decades and “live happily ever after”, then you have to invest a lot more in the relationship and above all in sex, which is the foundation of intimacy between two people.

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