Hidden Dangers Of Excess Abdominal Fat

Hidden Dangers Of Excess Abdominal Fat

Do you know that a large proportion of the population, regardless of age, has excess abdominal fat? The first thing people think about this problem is that it does not look nice for aesthetic reasons. It covers the abdominal muscles so they are not visible, and makes them shy about showing their body in public.

However, what many do not understand is that excess abdominal fat is not only unhealthy for appearance, it is also dangerous for your health.

Scientific research clearly shows that not only is it generally unhealthy to have excess body fat on your body, it is also dangerous to have excess abdominal fat.

There are 2 types of fats that are deposited in the abdominal part of the body. The first type is those that cover the abdominal muscles that are not visible. Located just below the skin and over the abdominal muscles they are called subcutaneous fat.

The second type of fat that accumulates in the abdominal part is called visceral fatty tissue. It is deeper in the abdomen along the muscles and around the organs.

Visceral fatty tissue “plays a role” giving some men the form of “beer belly”. It looks uncomfortable, but at the same time when you touch is very hard.

Both fatty tissues, subcutaneous and visceral are serious health threats. But science proves that excess visceral fat is much more dangerous than excessive subcutaneous tissue.

Both increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, sleep problems, some types of cancer and other diseases.

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Part of the reason that visceral fatty tissue is dangerous is because it freely releases inflammatory molecules in your body.

If you care about the quality of your life and your loved ones, reducing excess body fat around the abdomen should be at the top of your priorities. Simply put, there is no other way to be healthy.

Finally, when you reduce excess fat, your stomach will become flat. And if you lose enough fat, you will be able to see the abdominal muscles that everyone wants to have.

What will help you to reduce excess fat? Are all those advertisements in magazines and on television the right solution?

The first thing you need to know immediately is that there is NOT ONE THING that will change you overnight. There are no magic pills, something that will allow you to eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

Also, none of those products that advertise on TV, belly handles, belts around the waist, etc. are a good idea. They will not help you get rid of excess fat over the abdomen.

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You can not focus solely on reducing your fat around your waist with a magic tape or pill. Those things simply do not work.

The ONLY SOLUTION to reduce excess fat over the abdomen in the long run is by combining a good diet with physical activity that will stimulate a hormonal and metabolic reaction from the body.

Both factors, diet and physical activity are key to your success.

According to a study, thousands of volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group only adhered to a good diet. The second group adhered to a good diet, but also have included physical activity.

Although the two groups in the study had significantly good results, those who lost less abdominal fat were those who ONLY adhered to a good diet.

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A very important thing to understand is that some proven training program will not help you much. The majority of people who try to adhere to a good training program DO not exercise effectively enough to stimulate the burning of stubborn abdominal fat tissue.

We witness this every day in the gym.

Many will come to the gym, and begin to make some cardio activity with an intensity that is not effective at all and will soon get very tired because of it. So they will start doing some weight exercises, and they will use all the machines that exist in the gym. And they will think that are on the way to reducing abdominal fat.

Then they frustrate after a few weeks or months when they don’t get the results they want by wondering where they made a mistake.

The goal is not just to make abdominal muscles (even-though it’s part of the training routine). But to do an effective training that will help you reduce abdominal fat.

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It is a combination of weight training and cardiovascular training. If you start using this, the results will be visible to you.

The only reason many fail in their fitness goals is that they are full of enthusiasm starting to adopt the new healthy lifestyle, and after a few weeks or months they leave their good intentions and return to their old habits which are the reason for them having excess abdominal fat.

Do not waste a day allowing this excess abdominal fat tissue to not only make you look uncomfortable and to feel bad, but to increases your chances of getting major ailments as well.

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