4 Groceries That Prevent Hair Loss

4 Groceries That Prevent Hair Loss

Baldness is a problem that up to 80 million Americans, men and women equally face. The appearance of baldness or hair loss is influenced by many factors. Factors such as diabetes, various autoimmune disorders, lack of vitamins, stress, poor quality sleep, etc.

But scientific studies have shown that certain nutritional supplements can slow down the process of hair loss.

These 4 groceries prevent hair loss:


The fiber consists of proteins, which means that you need to consume food made up of proteins in order to preserve the health of your hair.

The protein also increases the production of keratin, which is a key component for hair strengthening. The best source of protein is marine fish such as salmon. Salmon abounds with omega-3 fatty acids and a large number of vitamins.


In a study, patients with seborrheic dermatitis (a condition that manifests itself by skin flushing, itching and hair loss) were applied with a complex of 90% honey and 10% water on the scalp.

After 4 weeks of the study, it was determined that the regular application of this natural complex helps to reduce the symptoms of this disease.


Mussels are rich in zinc, which is proven to be a great nutrient when it comes to preventing hair loss. If you are suffering from this problem, increase the intake of zinc by consuming rich foods such as walnuts, spinach, eggs, sunflower seeds, peas, oatmeal and chickpeas.


Coconut oil, like pumpkin oil or rosemary, is considered a nectar for the scalp and hair. Statistics have shown that in some cases, 400 milligrams of pumpkin oil, consumed over a period of 24 weeks, can lead to hair growth by 40%.

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