Who Is The Bodybuilder Who Impressed Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Who Is The Bodybuilder Who Impressed Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Many people say that Calum von Moger is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successor.

Director George Gallo decided to shoot a film about Weider Brothers, and the title of the film is “Bigger”.

The film follows the story of the brothers who are the founders of the world’s largest bodybuilding competition – Mr. Olympia.

A number of legendary bodybuilders will feature in this film, and Arnold Schwarzenegger will certainly be included in the story.

But since the famous actor and politician is 70 years of age and is not capable of shooting scenes in which he was 25 years old, a young bodybuilder named Calum von Moger will fill his shoes. Calum himself is the winner of the prestigious bodybuilding title, and was chosen for this role.

Calum seriously prepared for this role and trained around the clock to bring his form closer to that of Arnold.

Schwarzenegger himself also helped him in that mission, who showed him how to properly shape certain parts of the body. He was impressed by this young bodybuilder and said he was in for a brilliant career.

Although Calum’s role in this film will not be the main thing, this is a chance for him to receive other filming opportunities.

In addition, have a look at his training:

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