World’s Most Valuable Brands

World's Most Valuable Brands

Apple is the world’s most valuable brand, followed by Google and Microsoft, according to an analysis by Interbrand’s international consulting firm, which traditionally ranks the world’s strongest and most valuable brands.

For the fifth consecutive year, Apple and Google occupy the top two places. The Apple brand, compared to last year, increased its value by three percent to 184.2 billion dollars. And Google by six percent – to 141.7 billion.

Microsoft climbed to the third position as one of the 16 brands that achieved double-digit year-on-year growth in value. Fourth is Coca-Cola, then comes Amazon, Samsung, Toyota, Facebook, Mercedes-Benz and ABC, which concludes the list of the top ten global brands according to financial value.

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This year, Ferrari and Netflix appeared for the first time on the list of 100 world’s most valuable brands. Ferrari being 88th place and Netflix on the 78th.

The highest percentage growth compared to 2016 was recorded by Facebook (48%). Followed by Amazon (29%), Adobe ​​(19%), Adidas (17%) and Starbucks (16%) .

More than half of the world’s most valuable brands come from four sectors. The automotive industry (16), advanced technologies (15), financial services (12) and consumer goods (9).

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Retail trade is the fastest growing sector, taking into account the growth of the value of brands in percentage (19%), followed by sports equipment (10%), technology (8%), logistics (7%) and financial services (6%).

The total value of the top 100 global brands is $1.870 billion. Compared to 2016 it grew by 4.2 percent, according to Interbrand’s analysis.

Their methodology bases on three key components: the financial performance of the brands of products and services, the brand’s influence on the choice of the consumer and the strength with which the brand contributes to the stability and earnings of the company.

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