Chocolate Milk – Ideal Drink After A Workout

Chocolate Milk - Ideal Drink After A Workout

You do not need to spend money on expensive supplements, because chocolate milk is just as effective and very delicious.

Researchers in Texas followed a group of athletes who after a workout consumed only chocolate milk.

The results showed that their muscles were more pronounced and in better shape than those respondents who used supplements instead. This information is more than sufficient for those who still hesitate about exercising.

Here’s why chocolate milk is a perfect drink after a workout:

It compensates for the lost electrolytes

Sweating during exercise causes the loss of electrolyte salts that are responsible for the normal functioning of the body.

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Studies have shown that chocolate milk greatly compensates for lost salts because it contains the two most important electrolytes – sodium and potassium.

In addition, the milk stays longer in the body than other fluids. Which means that the body has more time to absorb these electrolytes.

Increases muscle mass

Resistance training together with a glass of chocolate milk are a winning formula for muscle mass.

Studies have shown that consumption of chocolate milk after exercise increases muscle synthesis resulting in increased muscle cells.

Contains carbohydrates

Chocolate milk is a perfect drink after training because of the ratio of carbohydrates and proteins that it contains, which helps the body recover faster from exercise.

It contains twice the amount of carbohydrates from ordinary milk and sports drinks, which speeds up muscle recovery and growth.

Other nutrients

In comparison with other sports drinks, chocolate milk contains more calcium and vitamin D, which are of great importance, especially for athletes.

They improve athletic capabilities due to their impact on bones and muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

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Calcium improves the nervous system and associates with the release of hormones, while vitamin D is important for regulating other minerals in the body.

One cup contains half the recommended dose of calcium and 1/3 of vitamin D.

Economical drink

In addition to all of the above-mentioned excellent properties, chocolate milk is much cheaper than the traditional supplements that are usually used after a workout. This is a major bonus point to why you should consume it regularly.

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