Google’s Cheeseburger “Problem” Causes Controversy On Social Networks

Google's Cheeseburger "Problem" Causes Controversy On Social Networks

Perhaps cheeseburger lovers, who have strong feelings about the layout of the ingredients in it, will be interested in Google’s latest discussion.

The controversy began on Twitter, of course, and the first to tweet about it was user Thomas Baekdal.

In his tweet he compared the ways Apple and Google distribute the ingredients in the cheeseburger. And within Google’s emoticon, the cheese is in the wrong place.

Gourmets, who are also emoticon experts, say that Apple cleverly positions the ingredients by placing the salad under the burger.

This prevents the bottom bun from dipping and thus complicating consumption. While Google puts the cheese in that place and makes a great gourmet catastrophe.

This news would not have been news if Google CEO Sundar Pichai did not announce that the employees “will leave all the other things aside and will deal with this problem urgently”.

But on a condition that there are satisfied number of users to vote on the necessity of placing the cheese in the right place.

According to Emojipedia, the cheeseburger as an emoticon is approved as part of Unicode 6.0 as early as 2010. The Emoji 1.0 family is added in 2015.

And on that occasion, companies that design their own emoticons have full freedom in the placement of ingredients.

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  1. I could never use a cheese burger emo with the cheese anywhere but on the top. How ludicrous! I hope they drop everything to fix this , forget that they allowed and received billions from the Russians to hack our election leaving us with an illegitimate president. Lets fix the important things!

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