3 Shirts Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

3 Shirts Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

Other than the importance of choosing a high quality suit, it is also extremely important what you wear underneath it. Especially when taking shirts into consideration, as a good shirt choice will affect the overall impression.

And here are the 3 shirts every man should own:

A white shirt

Every man should have at least one white shirt in his closet. The white shirt is a classical fashionable piece that still looks good and impressive. In the last few years, white shirts are again a big fashion hit.

You can combine the white shirt with virtually any color of a suit, while it is best to combine it with a black suit and a black tie for ceremonial occasions.

The combination of a festive suit with a white tie is reserved for weddings only.

A vertical striped shirt

The classic shirt with thin vertical stripes is unrivaled in most situations. Regardless of the color of the stripes, if they are slim, you can not err in any way.

Stripes are a detail that allows you to subtly show your style and character. You can choose between thin and wide stripes, in neutral, but also in striking colors.

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The classic shirt of this type has thin stripes in neutral colors such as blue or gray. Such a shirt is combined perfectly with a suit, but also in a casual version with pants or jeans.

For a very casual look, you can also add a sweater.

One-color shirt

It is best to have several one-color shirts in the closet, because they are the easiest to combine with the rest of the clothes.

The advantage of one-color shirts is that they emphasize the outfit without competing which of the fashion pieces will leave the first impression. Such combinations leave a striking appearance, and are not at all difficult to make.

The one-color shirt will simply refresh each suit, and even just pants.

The black shirt is well suited in combination with a dark gray suit, but also with jeans or pants to give an elegant touch.

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