The Most Wanted Rifle Chosen By American Hunters

The Most Wanted Rifle Chosen By American Hunters

In this text I decided to make a list of the best guns for any type of hunting. Of course, the classical rifle with caliber 30-06 can serve you for different types of deer hunting, but it’s always easier to finish the job with the right tool.

Sometimes it means having an extra precise rifle for great distances, and sometimes it takes a light weight rifle for mountain disturbances.

No matter what type of hunting you are doing, in this list you will find the perfect option:

Remington Sendero SF II

With a 66 cm long and thick barrel, Sendero is designed to attract maximum caliber speeds for precise long-range impacts.

The rifle is heavy, with an optical view of up to 5 pounds, but if your hunt does not go great distances or the weight does not bother you, then this model is ideal.

The resistive HS Precision stock assists in precision. Remington Sendero SF II is currently available in 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., and .300 Rem. Ultramag.

Marlin 336C

These rifles persist to this day, primarily due to the versatility and balance between portability, ease of handling and firepower.

Caliber 30-30 Winchester has always been great for game hunting, which means you will not make a mistake. Combined with low-optics, this model is ideal for hunting in dense forests and mountain terrain.

Sako Finnlight

Sako Finnlight won the Outdoor Life Award because of its precision and reliability, which is not the case with thin light weight guns.

The light weight of the rifle often counts on precision, but this is not the case with this rifle weighing 2.7 kg.

With this model you can shoot to infinity, and the precision will remain the same. Sako Finnlight is available in a variety of calibers: 260 Rem., .270 WSM, 6.5 × 55 SE and 7mm Rem. Mag.

Weatherby Vanguard Series 2

This model is unbeatable when we look at price, precision, handling and quality of workmanship. Changes that Weatherby brought to the second series are better activation, stock and brake with 3 positions.

The rifle that was once good, today is considered to be excellent. Vanguard has it in different configurations and calibers, but if you are looking for a simple rifle, than Stainless Synthetic is the one for you.

H&R Handi Rifle

This is a model of a rifle that stands as one of the basic ones. They are great for young hunters and for their first hunting experience. The way the Handi cannon operates can not be any simpler.

The rifle is opened with a seizure, and when the hunter is ready for hunting, a bullet is placed in the cradle and that’s it. These rifles have a good trigger and are very precise.

Rifles with a single barrel are special because a single bullet gives more effort while being directed. This rifle is available in several calibers, such as: 44 Magnum, 223 Remingron and 243 Winchester.

Savage M220 Stainless Camo

This rifle is characterized by barrels that give tremendous accuracy, and therefore in America, there are many hunters who would choose this rifle.

Everything that this company produces is precise, and the same goes for the M220, equipped with an AccuTrigger trigger. This model is of caliber 20, its advantage is a much smaller impact of the caliber 12.

Nosler M48 Patriot

The new Nosler 26 caliber is for hunters who want medium-sized game and an open ground for hunting. The heavy ammunition of the Nosler (9.1 grams heavy bullet), provides a speed of 1000 meters per second.

For a large energy transfer over long distances, it’s hard to ask for something better. Each component is of the highest quality and is evident as it is made by hunters. This rifle model has, without surprise, received the Outdoor Life Award for Best Rifle for 2014.

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