5 Healthy Office Habits

5 Healthy Office Habits

A working day spent in the office does not require too much physical activity, but it still exhausts the human organism.

By complying with daily work responsibilities, we often forget about the very important working conditions that can greatly affect our productivity and the quality of our work.

These five tips are easy to get into your work routine and it is important to apply them on a daily basis in order to ease your stay at work, but also to feel psychologically better.


Surely you are not even aware of the fact that when the time spent at work increases, so does the need to rub the dry and irritated eyes.

To wet them naturally, you need to blink regularly. Concentrating on the work you often forget about this activity that is greatly beneficial for healthy and restful eyes.


The organism does not work without water. But it is generally known that the lack of water will also cause headaches. Place a glass of water on your workstation, place it at your fingertips, and drink it regularly. Your body will be more than grateful.

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Stance of the body

Get a comfortable and ergonomic chair that will ensure your body’s proper position while sitting. With the right position of the body, you will provide yourself with 30 percent more oxygen and therefore you will have more energy during the day.


Everyone, regardless of external weather conditions, vents up his office. Circulation of the air in the office is of particular importance, and sometimes comes as a means of awakening if you have fallen into monotony at work.


Do not let your work day go without having a walk in the office. Go into the corridor, do a few steps or do some light exercises to improve the circulation.

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