5 Effective Tips For Building Impressive Biceps

6 Effective Tips For Building Impressive Biceps

Whether you aim to build yourself big or to achieve an athletic look, the form will never be complete without good, impressive biceps.

If you want solid arms and impressive biceps that can be seen and remembered under the winter clothes, follow these 5 tips:

1. Get the maximum out of your back training

Why the back when you want to target biceps? Because most of the back exercises activate the biceps, such as the wide-grip lat pull-down.

These exercises can help build your arms and back at the same time, so do not go easy here. Give the intensity to the whole back training to the maximum comfort limit, without getting into any uneasiness and pain.

2. Use EZ instead of a flat bar

The flat bar is rightly considered one of the best biceps exercises but it’s not very pleasant for everyone. The problem is that there’s often pain in the joints, which is a sign that you need to stop training.

Most of all, to avoid injury. And because the pain will prevent you from achieving maximum efficiency in the exercise.

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Instead of torturing or sacrificing the correct form, take the EZ bar. Its design does not allow unease in the wrists and gives you the opportunity to exercise more intensely, and of course, build better and more impressive biceps.

3. Train in sets with multiple repetitions

This advice is not readily accepted by those who train for strength and follow the short-term rule with maximum weight. But in order to grow your biceps they need stimulation with a long-lasting burden.

Train in sets of 10 to 12, and even 15 to 20 reps. Yes, you will need to reach for the smaller weights. But this is one of the few moments when the victory over the temptation for the biggest weight you can sustain will give you a better result.

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If you find it difficult to accept this, then start with bigger weight on the EZ bar in 5 sets of 5 reps and then continue with long sets with lower weight.

4. Pay attention to the wrists

The position of the wrists is crucial in all exercises, but especially in those for biceps. If you often experience pain in the wrists or hands in any type of curvature, it means you probably bend your arms inward and it loads the flexors more than the biceps.

Hold a neutral position without bending the wrists and find the position of your hands that is most comfortable for performing exercises with maximum strength.

5. Isolate the shoulder

This goes a lot easier in theory than in practice, because by now you are probably unwittingly getting used to your shoulder in biceps exercise.

And this does not allow you to get the most out of your goal. Fortunately, you can easily get used to this.

Perform exercises by leaning your hands on a preacher curl or on your leg on the inside of your knee in a sitting position. This will help you relax your shoulder and focus the full weight on your biceps.

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