Business Vocabulary: These 5 Phrases Are Not Desirable At The Workplace

Business Vocabulary These 5 Phrases Are Not Desirable At The Workplace

And it’s about time you stop using these phrases. When we talk, especially in the business environment, we actually present ourselves and allow others to create a general opinion about us.

That’s why you should eliminate these five common phrases from use, today:

“Inform me when you have information…”

This phrase is an unusual occurrence at the very end of the email and sounds polite, yet it creates the impression that you shift your colleague’s commitment, rather than taking initiative yourself.

“It seems to me that …” or “I think I should…”

Phrases like these make you look very uncertain, which will affect people not taking you seriously.

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“You are welcome”

Whether it’s a matter of minor challenges or business milestones, if you have done something to someone, it’s normal that he has something to thank you for. Instead of this dull phrase, you can only smile.

“This is probably a bad idea, but…”

Never do this! When a bright idea comes to your mind, do not put all the faults and holes of the plan in front of others. This way you show that you are nervous and that you are actually ashamed of your ideas.

“I’m not sure how to do this”

Have you heard about Google? Before asking your boss or colleague, find the answer to your doubts on this great search engine. Not only is it faster, it will also make you look smarter and more responsive.

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