Adult Movies Women Watch When You Are Not Home

Adult Movies Women Watch When You Are Not Home

Although men openly admit to watching adult movies, for women it still a taboo topic. A number of studies have shown that women are indeed watching adult movies.

However, they do not want to admit that they still do it and they usually do it in secret.

A group of people decided to survey a larger number of girls in order to find out which adult movies women watch in secret.

Women themselves admit that there are some things they do not want to speak openly and that they even hide those things from their partners, but decided to answer anonymously to this question.

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A large number of women were examined, so scientists came up with the following results:

Although the survey showed that women wanted a lot of things related to sex, this study found two responses that surpassed the rest.

20% of inquired women admitted to watching lesbian adult movies. What is surprising is that even women tend to watch such movies. It seems that women are in love with their gender and are eager to see hot scenes without men.

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Of course, not all girls are fans of lesbian sex, many women say they want to see rough and violent sex, because in this way they have different fantasies and erotic desires.

Women want dominance, although they do not want to show it, which is the main reason why this category is so popular.

Everyone secretly admits to watching adult movies and also say that it’s really unpleasant to openly talk about it.

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