8 Signs That Indicate She Only Sees You As A Friend

8 Signs That Indicate She Only Sees You As A Friend

We all had at least one person in our life who we looked at for something more than just being friends with. And she only saw us as a friend and nothing more.

So, gentlemen, here are a few leading signs that show you when she sees you only as a friend:

1. You agree to go out with her for a drink, and she calls all your friends to come too

2. She is happier when you see her without makeup

3. Calls you only when she needs you to keep her company and talk about general matters

4. She openly talks to you about her current and ex boyfriends

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5. She does not see a problem to change her clothes in front of you

6. Tells you that you are like a brother

7. Tells you how perfect you are for someone

8. She always asks you to pay attention to her

These are just 8 of the many signs that indicate she sees you only as a friend. So pay attention and take note the next time you are out with a girl. If she does any of this, spare yourself the heartache and move on.

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