7 Insightful And Wise Sayings From Steve Jobs

7 Insightful And Wise Sayings From Steve Jobs

I have selected seven wise sayings from one of the most successful people in the world from which we can all learn something – Steve Jobs.

1. We all age

“You will rarely see an artist in his thirty years who is capable of achieving something incredible.”

Steve Jobs knew that innovation was fueled by youth, he says children manage our lives. Steve looked at the whole world in a different way than others.

“You need to do something as soon as possible, because all those amazing things you hear in the media have been accomplished by young people.”

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2. Perspective is important

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling frozen water or getting a chance to change the world?”

In life, perspective is a point of view. You may think that every boss is the same – greedy and separated from the average people.

There is a big difference between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, for example, the difference is at their point of view.

Steve was interested in what he was selling, and the love for the product itself is what makes him special.

3. Independence and freedom

“Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?”

It’s much more interesting to be Jack Sparrow than the Admiral of the British Navy – the less responsibility, the higher the achievements and the greater the prize. A battle is a battle, regardless on which side you fight for.

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4. Taking responsibility

“Sometimes, when you introduce novelties, make mistakes. It is best to quickly recognize them and continue working on other innovations.”

We all make mistakes. Each of us has a bad day and does something wrong. To be a good innovator you must learn to recognize your mistakes.

5. Courage and persistence

“You know, I had a plan to save Apple. I could not say anything more than that it was a perfect product and a perfect strategy for Apple, but nobody wanted to listen to me.”

Do not forget that Steve Jobs has achieved the greatest success since he was dismissed from the company by the very same company he founded.

He remained on his own and did what he wanted. Perhaps he was a man who wanted to keep himself under control and was a perfectionist, but he was successful.

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6. Art and transparency

“We are always ashamed of the theft of big ideas.”

Art is free and everyone can steal what they want. The artist should receive merit and stand out, but how will the artist manage his merits, that is his personal choice. Art should be available to everyone.

7. Simplicity

“It was one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complicated, you have to work hard to do something simple.”

The most important thing that we need to learn from Steve Jobs is that in simplicity, the essence of life is hidden.

Whatever happens, as soon as you wake up start thinking about what you want to accomplish. Breathe, laugh, and look positively on the world around you.

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