Don’t Use These 10 Phrases On The First Date

Don't Use These 10 Phrases On The First Date

There are several phrases that should not be said during the first date. Of course, if you don’t want your date to turn you down and block you on all social networks.

Remember this list of 10 phrases, that should not be uttered by your mouth at all costs:

1. You have eaten a whole serving. Well done. I did not expect that.

2. Who is that sweet girl next to you on Instagram/Facebook?

3. I enjoy everything I do. Literally everything.

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4. Really? I never thought you were going to the gym.

5. I saw your Facebook profile and noticed that you had a blast this weekend.

6. Hey, guess how much I earn at work?

7. Are you okay? You look tired.

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8. We’ve already talked for half an hour and it’s still not clear to me how you still haven’t been able to find a boyfriend.

9. Don’t get me wrong, but you really do have a nice butt.

10. All the girls that are my friends find me very attractive.

They are not many, just 10 phrases. Memorize them and avoid them at all costs. Especially on your first date and everything will be easier and better for you.

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