Fashion Inspiration – The Monk Strap Shoes

Fashion Inspiration - The Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap shoes are one of my favorites when it comes to masculine style. First of all because they are classical, very stylish and versatile.

They can be worn in different environments, in different combinations, always making you look brave. This type of shoes is becoming more popular in the last few years, and with good reason.

The difference is in detail, and the shoes play an important role in any fashion combination. You should never underestimate their power, because they can say a lot about you.

These shoes can be found as two types, single or double monk strap.

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They have a long history! They were first worn by the monks during the 15th century, as more durable and safer versions of the sandals that were worn that time.

The legend says that the design was enacted in 1900 by a visitor in England, and they became popular in a very short time.

How to wear them?

As mentioned above, this type of shoes is quite popular for different occasions. You can wear them on important business meetings, and even on an ordinary evening with friends.

They look really well with a suit, casual pants, and with a leather jacket as well.

It all depends on you and your style preference!

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