Hamilton – American Spirit With A Swiss Precision

Hamilton - American Spirit With A Swiss Precision

Hamilton was a real pioneer in 1892, since the creation in Lancaster-Pennsylvania, America. Very early in his history, he established himself as a top creator for accurate time management.

His first series of pocket watches became known as “Accurate Watches on the Railway”.

Later, the company expanded its business and became a supplier for the US military. In 1957 the first electric watch appeared in the world, and it was Hamilton: the Ventura!

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The first fan was Elvis Presley, and for this reason, in the year he was about to turn 80, a special Ventura with 80 hours of power on a spare battery was created. This was the beginning of innovation.

Then in 1970, the first LED digital watch called Pulsar was created. In 2003, watches began to be created in Switzerland under the umbrella of the world’s largest producer and distributor, the Swatch Group, whose member has been since 1974.

In addition, below I present to you my top three choices:

Jazzmaster: Maestro Chronograph Automatic

Khaki Aviation: Khaki Pilot Automatic H64715535

Khaki Navy: Frogman Automatic

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