ThyssenKrupp Opens The World’s Tallest Elevator Test Tower

ThyssenKrupp Opens The World's Tallest Elevator Test Tower

A feature of modern engineering, progress and innovation.

The multinational company, ThyssenKrupp, has opened the elevator test tower in Rottweil, Germany. At present it is the tallest tower of this type in the world with a height of 246 meters, a unique research center and an interesting attraction for residents and tourists.

The facility is ThyssenKrupp’s long-term investment and the largest innovative elevator center in Germany, as well as in Europe.

In the 246-meter tower, there are 12 different elevator windows that will test and validate innovative solutions for developing elevators for the ever-increasing skyscrapers built around the world with test conditions that are not available anywhere else.

The modern architecture, which represents the art of our engineering, gives the tower a simple and elegant look.

The facility will give visitors a wonderful panoramic 360 degree view overlooking the Swiss Alps. Traveling in the glass panoramic elevator will be another wonderful experience.

The tower is a kind of laboratory for the new era in technology and an impressive example of ThyssenKrupp’s innovative power and engineering skills. About 40 million euros were invested in the construction of this tower.

ThyssenKrupp is the world leader in the production of elevators and escalators. And one of the largest steel producers in the world, with annual revenues of about 40 billion dollars. They have more than 160,000 employees, present in 80 countries and with 670 smaller companies.

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