How To Make Perfect Abdominal Muscles Without Going To The Gym

How To Make Perfect Abdominal Muscles Without Going To The Gym

The gym is a place that not everyone can withstand. Therefore, I offer a solution for perfect abdominal muscles, you can do in your living room.

Achieve the maximum effect of each exercise with the Gymbit Ab Slim Flex equipment that quickly shapes your abdominal muscles!

With this equipment you will focus on what you need:

  • Duoflex technology that doubles the intensity and provides faster results in less time
  • 360° movements of the rotating seat
  • Protection against injuries

Do one exercise with the effect of having done two

The Gymbit Ab Slim Flex’s most significant feature is the Duo-Flex technology. This means that the resistance is generated when moving up and down, doubling the intensity and guaranteeing results for a much shorter period of time.

You do 1 exercise for abdominal muscles, but you get the effect of having done 2.

With rotating seat and 360° drills

Gymbit Ab Slim Flex has side handles and a rotating seat. This allows you to shape and strengthen the lateral muscles.

There is nothing better than traditional exercises for abdominal muscles

Gymbit Ab Slim Flex provides targeted exercises in the abdominal part of the body. Unlike other exercises in which you use gravity to back down and use the abdominal muscles to raise you back again, you must use the abdominal muscles as you descend because of the curved part that is connected to 3 resistance blades.

So, you push the equipment down while you descend, and then use your abdominal muscles to lift back up.

Just 10 minutes a day

The intensity of the dual-resistance exercises and the 360​° rotating seat will help to tone and tighten the upper part of the body in just 10 minutes per day.

With 3 levels of resistance, Gymbit Ab Slim Flex is a great equipment for beginners and for professionals as well.

More opportunities for effective exercises

Gymbit Ab Slim Flex offers you a range of exercises on several levels.

Support for the head and neck for safe and comfortable exercises

Gymbit Ab Slim Flex gives your neck and head adequate support and comfort while exercising.

Technical specifications

  • 3 levels of resistance
  • Back and neck support
  • Duoflex technology = 2 x intensity
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg.

Gymbit Ab Slim Flex is the simplest way to tone abdominal muscles quickly and efficiently!

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