5 Moments That According To Girls Are Cheating

5 Moments That According To Girls Are Cheating

Cheating is an interesting term, especially if you are looking for a definition from both men and women. For the average male, sex or making out are considered cheating, but when it comes to girls, it’s a different story.

The next 5 things are considered cheating, according to girls, but they do not have anything to do with sex. Follow the list carefully:

1. Talking about your relationship problems with other girls

If you talk about problems with a friend or colleague at work, and your girlfriend finds out, then you will have a big problem. For girls this moment is unacceptable.

2. Communication with an ex-girlfriend via famous social networks

I am not talking just about communication, you will have a problem with just one like on any post/picture.

3. Paying for a drink to another girl

It’s the first move towards cheating, which is why girls do not accept that you pay drinks to other girls.

4. Dinner with a girl (friend) at YOUR place

The word “our place” should not be associated with a friend, if you are in a stable relationship.

5. Giving your number to a different girl

It’s quite clear why they are bothered with this moment, whether it’s about giving a new colleague’s mobile phone number, or a new friend at school on a “problem-solving task”. It’s a no-no in either case according to girls.

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