Should You Eat Chocolate For Breakfast?

Should You Eat Chocolate For Breakfast?

You would surely be thinking this is the worst option for breakfast, right? Science has a different look on this. Science says there’s nothing wrong with getting a piece of your favorite chocolate in the morning. On the contrary, it is beneficial!

To be more precise, Liz Moskow the food expert, says that dark chocolate is associated with better memory and concentration. Especially if consumed early in the morning.

Given that the good effects of dark chocolate on cognitive functions have been proven several times, it may not be surprising that it is now recommended to consume it in the morning.

But what’s surprising is the study which was conducted in Tel Aviv. It showed that a couple of pieces of chocolate eaten in the morning can help us with weight-loss.

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It showed the results of a study involving 200 adults (who do not have diabetes) and who were given one of the two offered diet regimens. Both imply the same amount of calories, and the difference is only in the breakfast.

While participants in this group lost an average of 15 kilograms in a four-month period, those who had taken 600 calories at breakfast and a little chocolate, lost a little bit more weight.

The reason for this, according to scientists, is that such a morning meal helped them to keep up with the diet plan and the exact number of calories that should be brought in during the day.

So it is completely okay to eat chocolate for breakfast. But, as long as it is dark chocolate and it is just a couple of pieces.

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